Letters to Old Friends

Dear Old Friend #1 Yours was the curtain-raiser and main event. If you’d told me then that you’d be gone today, I’d call you dramatic and brush it off. Yours remains to date one of the most challenging letters to write from a tragic chapter in my life. Ours is a tale I am not […]

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To the kindest soul I know

They met long before they ever knew how much they would mean to each other. First, on a starry night in September, as his friends celebrated him till dawn. A euphoric time when young love pulled at their heartstrings, and they both fantasized about a future with different people. Her tightly fitted high waist vintage […]

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Have you ever felt like a broken record?? Allow me to divert from the banality which dictates the known context of the term – broken record… Instead, journey with me through a series of endless mistakes where decisions are made selfishly. Sometimes, while looking back on my life, it’s almost impossible to identify where I […]

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And the award goes to…..

If there was an award ceremony where individuals were acknowledged for possessing different character traits, the category of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions, would definitely be dominated by women. Yes, in many ways this may not be a positive thing however, no one should blame females for having strong intuitions and undeniable gut feelings. […]

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I’m a dreamer

I’m not one to write love poems, but he makes me want to be a rebel. All the ways he manages to make even the most serious moments funny, I’m learning to trust him even though half the time he is just “pulling my leg”. I never imagined someone could make me smile while tears […]

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Soulmate <3

Can’t say I remember the first day he ever walked into my life, it was one of those friendships with a vague beginning because one couldn’t imagine life before it began. Now that I think about it, he has always tried to capture my attention however; at that age “settling” or being “whipped” was such […]

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Becoming a woman of purpose

It’s hard having to write from a place of confusion or during a time when you cannot place yourself.  I imagine that individuals who take stock and sit down to re-evaluate their lives have clearly defined parameters which allow for them to make assessments. Blessings chase me down the street daily, from the moment my […]

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Write your story on my heart…..

Lately I’ve had this crazy obsession with discovering my story. Based on the sermons at church, many of the books on the shelves, and several motivational speakers, it is very important for you to know your story. According to these sources, in order to know what we want in life and understand where we are going, we need […]

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Here’s a story about a girl who after 23 years of existing decided it was time to redefine her life. So she pulled out a notepad, and while on a 3 hour flight to California, she purposed to blow her own mind before she landed. Ironically, they say being grounded is the way to go, […]

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